A Developers Perspective of Magento 2

About Me Let me introduce myself a Magento developer for almost a decade working in agencies, freelance, and the enterprise. Most of this was on the Magento 1 platform until 2019 since I have been primarily focused on the Magento Commerce 2.X platform. After wrapping up a large multi-year migration to Magento 2 it seems that many of the pain points of M1 still exist.  I still loathe EAV in a lot of instances and the standard Configurable Product setups I have been setting up for years.  Bundled products are also an area that isn't built out anywhere near where it could be in regards to GraphQL at least as of 2.4 and no custom options support.  Elastic Search while it seems great is unfortunately interfaced through Magento so when using APIs scaling concurrent connections are very expensive.  This creates the new to do things where you basically don't even use Magento or have to spin up a lot of servers to handle tasks that seem mundane. I shouldn't complain about Magento in